Instructor Bios:

Jeff Berry: Jeff currently serves as Senior GIS Analyst for Erlandsen & Associates, an Engineering and GIS Services firm.  With over 20 years of experience as a GIS Analyst, he has worked extensively with ESRI software as an analyst and as a GIS software developer.  Jeff has also developed and taught numerous GIS courses covering beginning and advanced GIS topics.

Peter Impara: Peter is currently a member of the Geography Department faculty at the Evergreen State College. He has taught beginning and advanced level GIS courses using ESRI software for over 17 years, incorporating GIS as a spatial analysis tool for diverse applications including environmental assessment, landscape ecology, habitat management, climate change, and urban planning.

Jim Nelson: Jim has extensive experience and training in public meeting facilitation and negotiation. Since 2006, Jim has worked as a trainer, negotiator, and facilitator and has helped many federal and state agencies, NGOs, and  private organizations work through controversial and complex technical and organizational issues. He has taught a variety of courses including Facilitation Skills, Public Meeting Techniques, Environmental Negotiations, and Basic CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act). Prior to retiring in 2006, Jim served as a supervisor with the California Department of Fish and Game.

Erick McWayne: Erick has over twenty-five years of professional experience in water quality management and teaching related courses. As a consultant, he managed contaminated surface water and groundwater projects for the Department of Defense and other clients. He currently provides consulting support to water quality projects and teaches courses in  environmental chemistry, transport and fate, geochemistry, hydrogeology, remediation, stormwater, and surface water with both the University of California Davis and the National Environmental Management Academy. Between teaching and consulting, Erick works on developing new water treatment technology.

Darrick Turner: Darrick is an environmental enforcement specialist with Montana’s Department of Environmental Quality where he manages enforcement cases addressing LUST/UST, remediation, solid waste, mining, septage, public water, and water quality violations. Mr. Turner has extensive experience in site characterization, emergency response, remediation, and regulatory compliance assistance including administrative civil enforcement by means of both informal and formal legal activity. Mr. Turner has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency for his effective investigative and case management practices.

Ruth Wallace: Ruth has over 23 years of experience as an environmental specialist with Missouri’s Department of Natural Resources.  Ms. Wallace has presented at numerous conferences, workshops and organizational events over the past 20 years on the topics of green infrastructure, low impact development and municipal stormwater compliance.  She has also participated in numerous design charrettes and project consultations pertaining to green infrastructure.  Ms. Wallace has developed technical stormwater workshops and made numerous presentations to local, state, regional and national audiences.  Ms. Wallace has written several articles and edited publications on the subject of green infrastructure, including the “Missouri Guide to Green Infrastructure.” Ms. Wallace is a certified Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Specialist (CMS4S).

Tom Wallace: Tom has directed municipal and industrial wastewater process projects for 32 years.  He currently serves as Senior Consultant in the Missouri office of Geosyntec, where he specializes in NPDES permit negotiations and receiving stream assessments.  He has provided consulting, regulatory negotations and management services for over 200 municipal and industrial wastewater systems.  Mr. Wallace has managed numerous water quality/antidegradation/TMDL review and wasteload allocation projects that typically have included waterbody use designation confirmation, water quality and stream channel monitoring, wasteload allocation modeling, and effluent limits development.

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