Environmental Training Course Catalog

The following classes are available by request and may also be listed on our training calendar.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Training Courses:

GIS-403: Environmental Applications of ArcGIS

Hydrogeology and Geochemistry Training Courses:

HYD-401: Chemistry Refresher for Environmental Professionals

HYD-402: Transport and Fate of Contaminants in Soil, Vapor, and Groundwater

HYD-403: Monitored Natural Attenuation of Contaminants in Soil and Groundwater

HYD-404: Specific Project Review and Presentation (available upon request)

HYD-405: Principles of Hawaii Hydrogeology

HYD-406: Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Site Management Science and Technology

HYD-407: Metal Attenuation in Soil and Groundwater: Applying the Scenario Approach

HYD-408: Agrochemical Transport and Fate in Soil, Surface Water, and Groundwater

HYD-409: Transport, Fate, and Remediation of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons

HYD-410: High Resolution Site Characterization and EMD Tools for Site Restoration

HYD-411: Emerging Contaminants of Concern: Transport, Fate, and Remediation

HYD-412: Environmental Sequence Stratigraphy Principles and Applications

HYD-413: Principles and Applications of Chemistry for Environmental Professionals

HYD-414: PFAS Transport, Fate, and Remediation in Soil and Groundwater

HYD-501: Practical Design Calculations for Soil, Vapor, and Groundwater Remediation

Remediation Training Courses:

REM-401: Principles of Contaminated Site Remediation

REM-402: Remediation Principles and Technologies for Soil, Vapor, and Groundwater

REM-403: Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Remediation Principles and Applications

REM-404: Petroleum Hydrocarbon Remediation Principles and Applications

Stormwater and Surface Water Training Courses:

SWM-401: Principles of Stormwater Management and Treatment

SWM-402: Stormwater Pollutant Chemistry, Monitoring, and Treatment

SWM-403: Applied Stormwater Chemistry and BMP Effectiveness

SWM-404: Principles of Green Stormwater Infrastructure and Low Impact Development

SWM-405: Surface Water and Stormwater Pollutant Chemistry

SWM-406: Stormwater BMP Performance and Optimization

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